What we have to do to catch up with every nation in the western world. (aka A List of “Demands”)

1) Ending the polarization of wealth, which is a great signpost pointing to other, more specific changes like 2) Free Universal Healthcare ­, 3) Total commitment to investing in public schools (no vouchers or charters), as well as full investment in our state university systems, which used to be the envy of the world, 4) Vigorous regulation of big corporations, especially banks (bring back Glass-Stegall, of course), 5) Progressive tax structure where GE has to pay SOMETHING instead of NOTHING, 6) End the wars, 7) Workers’ rights (to unionize, living wages, etc.), 8… Campaign Finance Reform.

The list is big. There are so many demands because so much is messed up in this country. Over the past 40 years the American worker has continually put in more hours for less money and it has everything to do with the Reagan Revolution that turned the Democratic Party into what we would have called moderate Republican 40 years ago while turning the Republicans into crypto-fascists at the same time. The Reagan Revolution brought us into this mess with the dismantling of the modest welfare state we once had while giving corporations free reign over our lives. In a nutshell, this is what all of the people at OWS are getting at. The demands are many because the problems are many. We are for “small corporations” just as much as the Tea Party was for “small government ­”, the only difference is that we actually mean what we say.

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