Deformers Trying to Deform a Deformed Law

(Picture from the Failing Schools blog)

The “tougher” teacher evaluation regime that looms over us all in New York must be agreed upon by the unions and districts. It is one of the stipulations of getting Race to the Top money.

Governor Cuomo’s agonizing State of the State address (you can watch it here), which was a load of self-serving hokum, did not give any actual particulars about the special committee the governor will appoint to help deal with the teacher evaluation question. It seems like Cuomo is stalling for time so he can find the best middle way to take. In other words, Andrew is doing what is best for Andrew’s political future.

But, as Gotham Schools reported yesterday:

“education reform groups are asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo to install a “shot clock” on future talks… When the clock expires, a teacher evaluation system devised by the State Education Department would go into effect, according to the plan outlined in a letter signed by 13 reform organizations from across the state and country.”

Translation: the deformers want to circumvent the law by putting a deadline on all teacher evaluation negotiations. If that deadline is not met, then an evaluation system of the state’s design will be implemented instead. Of course, the union would not be in on any plan the State Education Department might make, but I’m sure a lot of Rhee and Educators 4 Excellence money would. So all school districts like our own beloved Bloomberg’s New York City would have to do is sabotage the negotiations with the union, miss the deadline and, voila, they will get the type of anti-teacher evaluations they want anyway.

The post on Gotham Schools has the text of the letter the deformers wrote the governor.

It’s really amazing. The deformers love to say poverty is not destiny and throwing money at schools will not make it better. Now here they are trying to convince the governor to screw teachers so the state does not lose its valuable Race to the Top money. All of the sudden the deformers are concerned with throwing money at the system. Next they will be calling for smaller class sizes, as long as those classes are taught by inexperienced and inexpensive teachers. The deformers will do anything for our kids as long as it involves getting rid of those kids’ most veteran teachers.

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