Ron Paul World, Meet Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders and his Brooklyn face

The fanatical devotion of Ron Paul’s fan base is the stuff of legend. Every political discussion on the internet is a potential target for Ron Paul spam.  Even a thread about the county dog catcher is sure to draw one or two “Ron Paul 2012!” comments. It does not matter whether it is election season or not, Ron Paul fans are campaigning on the internet for him every day. No politician outside the president has the type of 24-hour coverage Ron Paul has.

My question to you is, why not Bernie Sanders?

Yes, I know that Senator Sanders is not running for president. That does not mean you cannot give Bernie the same undying adulation you give to Congressman Paul. If enough people do so, there is a good chance that he will decide to throw his hat into the ring.

You will find no shortage of reasons why you should worship Bernie Sanders as the Second Coming like you do Ron Paul. The Paulites love to say that Dr. Ron is independent (not to mention a doctor). Guess what? Bernie Sanders is really an Independent. There is an actual “I” next to his name, one of only two Senators who use that letter (the other one being the Republican in disguise, Joseph Lieberman). Contrast that to Ron Paul, who has a big fat “R” next to his name. The usual apology for this is that he represents Texas and needs the “R” to get elected. Maybe so, but that takes away from his “independent” credentials. Besides, he brings ideological purity to the free market wing of the Republican Party. Without Ron Paul, the only big name free market guys they have are actually neoliberal corporatists in disguise. Ron Paul and the Repubs have a mutually beneficial relationship in this regard.

As far as many of the issues go, Bernie Sanders should be music to a Ron Paulite’s ears. He opposes the wars and the surveillance state that has grown up around them. He has voted against the War on Drugs and has pushed for legalizing marijuana. He opposed the bailouts that caused a spike in the national debt. Not to mention that he has introduced legislation calling for a full audit of the Fed, including tracking down which banks received trillions of dollars in secret bailouts. On these issues alone, the younger Ron Paul fans (which seems to be most of them) should have no problem worshipping Bernie Sanders. They are carbon copies of each other, the only difference that we have seen is that Bernie is more independent than the Paulster. So why don’t you take a seat while I mix you a nice cold glass of Bernie’s Kool Aid, won’t you? You will find it tastes similar to the Ron Paul flavor.

So what’s the difference? Chances are that, if you are a Ron Paul fan, the issues you care about the most have already been covered. But there are those other issues that bring out the fundamental differences between the two politicians. Don’t worry, you will find that Bernie’s positions here are far superior to the Texas obstetrician’s. You may have come to Bernie’s party for the peace, freedom, legal drugs and Fed reform, but you will stay for the equality and justice.

Don’t look now but Bernie has voted for gun control. He has been given an “F” by the National Rifle Association. Believe it or not, that is a good thing. You Ron Paul guys love the Constitution. Well, gun control is as constitutional as it gets. The 2nd Amendment aimed to establish a “well regulated militia” in an attempt to prevent the creation of a standing army. But we now have a standing army, rendering the 2nd Amendment utterly irrelevant. Plus, the Founders only said that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. A literal reading of this would mean people could carry AK-47s, bazookas and rocket launchers without restriction. Bernie understands that gun control helps fulfill that other constitutional requirement of providing for the general welfare.

Bernie also doesn’t like tax cuts to the wealthy. As a matter of fact, probably his greatest moment as a Senator was his legendary 13 hour filibuster against extending the Bush tax cuts. The speech has been made into a book that makes for a surprisingly good read. Now I know how you Ron Paul guys and gals hate taxes. You’re probably all set to strap on your powdered wigs and pantaloons and lecture us about the role of taxation in the American Revolution (by the way, the issue was really taxation without representation, but who needs accuracy when you’re plundering history to suit your ideology?) Anyway, taxing the wealthy would help close the budget gap. We know the Ron Paul squad is filled with deficit hawks, so you should be thrilled by Bernie’s position on taxes. But don’t tax hikes hurt the economy? Only if you get all of your knowledge of American history from CNBC. The period when we had the highest tax rates on the wealthy was also the period of the biggest and most equitable economic growth in American history (1945-1973; see the chapter entitled The Biggest Boom Yet in James T. Patterson’s book Grand Expectations.)

By this time you should be strung out on Bernie Sanders’ Kool Aid. You are just about ready to go and spambomb message boards and youtube video comment sections with “Bernie 2012!” posts. Before you do, I saved the best for last: Bernie Sanders is a Jewish socialist from Brooklyn, New York. The tin foil hat people are sure to accuse him of being a pawn in the Rothschild’s twisted scheme to bring on a one-world government. But just think for a second. Why would he want to expose the bankers in bed with the Fed (who, according to the Ron Paul crowd, must all be Jews) or oppose the bank bailouts if he was down with the Rothschild family? Ah, you say it is a front. Bernie is just pretending to be a populist in an attempt to shepherd people towards supporting the world Zionist cause. All I have to ask in response is: did you hear that? It is the sound of your mind closing.

Bernie Sanders is courageous enough to call himself a socialist in an era when the country sees it as a dirty word. He is a true Independent with the letter “I” next to his name. Unlike Ron Paul, who supports some of the right things for all of the wrong reasons, Bernie supports the right things for the right reasons. If anyone deserves your unquestioning praise, devotion and campaign work, it is Bernie. On the other hand, forget it. I can confidently speak for Senator Sanders in saying he would prefer you actually think about who you’re supporting. So drop Ron Paul. You only like him because he was marketed to you as the only independent player in Washington. Now you see there is a world beyond Ron Paul and hope for the country yet.

Bernie Sanders 2016!

13 responses to “Ron Paul World, Meet Bernie Sanders

  1. Bernie Sanders is truly a Senator who represents people beyond Vermont. He is one of the few Senators who makes recommendations for improving the quality of life for Americans with sane, common sense, workable solutions.

  2. well I would love to see Senator Bernie Sanders run for president, he would get my support in an instant. but he not running and our foreign policy is a mess, we have indefinite detention, we are in more wars today then we were even under Bush Jr. and we have a drug war that is costing us billions of dollars. I disagree with Ron Paul economic policies, but it seems that that is what Obama is giving us by the way he keeps capitulating to the far right of the republican party. as long as we are going to have republican policies regardless on who wins the 2012 election, then I would rather vote for Ron Paul, at least he wants to bring the troops home, then we can fight his economic policy and have some one like Senator Bernie Sanders run for president in 2016.

  3. Thank you!! I love Bernie..he is the true “I”!


  5. I am a Ron Paul fan who lives in Vermont and despises Bernie Sanders. Here are the reasons why Bernie, although agreeing with Paul on some issues, is not worthy of Ron Paul status:
    -Bernie is a Socialist, Ron Paul is an Austrian economist, you can’t get any more fundamentally different than that. Bernie believes the market should be heavily regulated and there should be a high degree of government intervention, Ron Paul believes that the best market is a free market
    -Bernie has been crying to raise taxes ever since he got into office and is the quintessential pork politicians, always promising to bring home money to his constituents.
    -The Second amendment was put in place to allow the PEOPLE to form their own army (and consequentially government) when the current one no longer serves them
    -Bernie is a hypocrite. He talks about special interests corrupting Washington, yet the vast majority of his contributions come from people who work for unions. Not people who are part of unions, mind you, but people who collect a salary off the back of the workers.
    -Bernie wants the US to look more like Europe, Ron Paul doesn’t want us to go broke.
    -Bernie’s popularity is based on hype and presentation, loud voices and waving his arms around. Ron Paul’s popularity is based on the value of his ideas, despite the fact they might not sound popular

    I could go one, but suffice to say although I appreciate the overlap when it comes to civil liberties, Bernie is absolutely lost when it comes to economic liberties and the role of the Federal Government

    • 1. not such thing as free market.. These lead to molopolies.
      2. Austrian economist? come on what country in the world models itself on these crazy ideas? None..
      3. Tax rates for super rich are WAY too low.. everyone agrees on this unless you take money form Koch brothers like your boy Paul.
      4. 2nd amendment is a distraction to real issues.. who cares.. no one..
      5. Sanders is not a millionaire yet he been in washington over 16 years. enough said.. Rand or Ron would and have taken money/bribes in first few months.
      6. Hype? come one dude.. Paul is all hype by the idiot libertarians that what their utopia. He is all Hype and no substance.

      I could go on but on and on.. but liberty is not a slogan like these cons like to push..

    • You would be well served to study 20th century American history, Keynesian economics, pre-1929 lack of corporate regulation, pre-1929 income brackets, Bernie’s ACTUAL gun rights voting record (I have a CCW permit so trust me), U.S. economy 1946-1973, math basics, ‘Nixon, HMOs and Kaiser Permanente’, essentials of right-wing propaganda, etc. I’m tired of all you dumbed down righties fighting for deregulated corporations who are laughing all the way to the bank amazed that working class people vote for them!

  6. You are wrong about the 2nd Amendment. It is specifically there for us to be able to defend ourselves, and force change to and overgrown and Tyrannical Government that is protected by a Military that would push around it’s own citizens. Gun Control of any kind is not Constitutional. You Liberals always what to bring up Nukes and Rocket launchers. Those are WMD’s and are not considered personal firearms. If you are smart enough and rich enough, sure you could build one yourself, but not likely. The 2A is about me having what I need, when I need it and if you think that only the Police and Military having guns is a good thing just look at history when that happens; Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and every other gun control nutjob. That is the only reason a government wants to disarm it citizens.

  7. I support the 2nd Amendment, which is one of the few areas where Sen. Sanders and I differ. I would ABSOLUTELY vote for this man were he to run. He is the only man I can think of that would represent my views.

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