Chris Hedges is Right About Pretty Much Everything

It is very rare that I hear somebody so thoroughly correct.  Chris Hedges nails every subject, every time, with a breadth and exactitude few people can touch.

For example. this is Chris Hedges on the Tea Party movement:

Chris Hedges on intelligent design:

Chris Hedges on surveillance and propaganda:

Chris Hedges even criticizes education deform in New York City (the video starts with a very good speech by Cliftonia Johnson of DC37, who was laid off with hundreds of other school aides back in October. Chris’ part starts at 3:27)

His best videos are by far his lectures like “Death of the Liberal Class” and “How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy”. He has written many books and was a correspondent for the New York Times in the Middle East.

A brilliant person who would get my vote if he ever ran for office, which is not likely. He graduated from Harvard Divinity School and is the son of a minister, but has been a reporter and activist most of his life.

More from Chris Hedges:

Chris Hedges’ columns on Truthdig

Chris Hedges’ columns in The Nation

5 responses to “Chris Hedges is Right About Pretty Much Everything

  1. Reblogged this on Things I grab, motley collection and commented:
    Well said; deserves to be shared, RTed and what ever else.

  2. I would have to pretty much agree with this 🙂 I watch and read everything I possibly can by Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky 🙂 Insightful sources of information without the spin. I fear the day when people such as Chomsky and Hedges may no longer exist on this planet.

  3. Thank you for posting these. Chris Hedges is an important voice of truth and should be heard as much as possible during these troubled times.

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