Attend the State of the Union Conference This Saturday (2/4/12)

Teachers across New York City who are concerned about the education of their students and the state of the profession need to attend the State of the Union Conference this Saturday February 4, 2012. It will be held at the Graduate Center for Worker Education at 25 Broadway in the financial district of Manhattan.

Registration information and directions click here.

Public education is under attack! Stand up, fight back!

As educators we are strongest when our voices are united.

That is what a UNION is for. The UNION makes us strong.

For far too long the leadership of our union, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), along with the national American Federation of Teachers (AFT), have been silent, thrown up minimal defenses too little too late, and have even collaborated in the assault on our profession, our students and their families.

It is time to re-imagine our teachers’ union.

Imagine. . .

A union with true democracy.

A union where members’ concerns, ideas and opinions form the union identity.

A union that works to educate, organize and mobilize its members in support of public education, our careers as professionals, and our students, their families and communities.

A union that works to end mayoral control and other racist policies that have removed the voice of educators and parents from decision making.

A union that works with individual schools to recruit and train chapter leaders and delegates who share this vision.

A union that supports Chapter Leaders in struggles with administrations and in their work to educate and organize members.

Join rank and file  union members and their parent and community allies at The State of the UNION Conference Come meet other UFT members who want a new kind of union, while learning about the history and functioning of the UFT in workshops facilitated by rank and file members, union delegates and education activists.

Workshops include: What is Social Justice Unionism? Organizing 101: Parents and Teachers Working Together-a Vision for a Community Oriented Teacher Union What happened to Brown vs. Board of Education: Resegregation of our Schools. The Disappearing Black and Latino Teacher and the Deprofessionalization of Teaching. What’s the 1% Want with Our Schools? (Privatization 101) Mayoral Control vs. A People’s Board of Education Know your rights: Civil Disobedience and Student Organizing. Strategy & Tactics: After OWS, What’s Next for Our Movement?


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