Upcoming Events and Protests

Very busy day today. I will post these events in the sidebar later.

Tomorrow 3/15/12 (4:00pm): Rally @ 65 Court Street

In response to ten years of Bloomberg’s failed educational policies, concerned teachers, parents, community members, and elected officials  will gather on Thursday, 3/15 at 4 pm. Instead of holding our protest at Borough Hall as we did last year, Brooklyn has chosen to express itself closer to the source, across the street from the DOE Office at 65 Court Street. This rally is for EVERYONE with an interest in the public schools and ANYONE who is fed up with attacks on teachers, closing schools, release of teacher data reports, parents being cut out of the equation, and budget cuts to educational services.  Please bring your colleagues and remember to wear blue in solidarity.

Saturday 3/17/12 (2:00pm): Open Air Meeting @ Athens Square Park

Dear Friends,

I thought that you might be interested in an upcoming event in Astoria, Queens. Beginning on March 3, 2012, a small gathering of people, mostly Greek-Americans, gathered to discuss how to organize support efforts to help the people of Greece. As I am sure you know, the people there have been shattered by the machinations of the global banking elite. The group’s intent was to begin meeting at Athens Square Park every Saturday at 2 PM to discuss various issues that deal with the Greek crisis. However, Athens Square Park, which is located on 30th street and 30th avenue, seems to possess the potential of becoming a hot bed of local democratic action. It seems that the public education topic was one of the issues that dominated this panoply of areas of interest.

Therefore, next Saturday, March 17th, people from all over the city are planning to converge onto Athens Square Park, at 2 PM, in order to help educate our Astoria/LIC neighbors about some of the most important public education issues of our time. These folks intend to emphasize the closing down of local schools, the suspension of habeas corpus, the revitalization of Greek-American activism and many other important matters.

I hope that all of you will be able to join us since you clearly have a loud voice in the local scene of direct democracy. Also, we would be very appreciative if you helped us spread the word. Again, a group of unaffiliated individuals from all over the city will meet at Athens Square Park in Astoria at 2 PM. The park is on 30th street and 30th avenue. It can be reached by getting off at the 30th avenue stop on the N and Q lines. From there, it is a short one-block walk.

Lastly, it is interesting to note that Athens Square Park is a very symbolic park for many reasons. It is ordained by two statues that were gifts from the people of Greece. When you first walk in you will encounter Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Towards the back of the park sits Socrates, the philosopher that was poisoned for dissenting against the powers of his time. Lastly, adjacent to the park resides the Henry David Thoreau public school. As the author of Civil Disobedience this renowned American can act as a reminder for all present that we cannot remain silent in the face of so many injustices.

I hope to see you there!

Thursday 3/22/12 (5:00 pm): Occupy DOE @ News Corp HQ, 30 Rockefeller Center

Via Norm at Ed Notes. Check Ed Notes For The Full Flier

Educators Stand Up to the NY Post!

Protest the New York Post’s Decision to Publish Faulty Teacher Data Reports, Ties to Education Deform, and Distribution of Vile and Bigoted Pseudo-Reporting to Our Schools

The New York Post despicably published the Teacher Data Reports of some 1800 fourth through eighth grade teachers, with full knowledge of their many flaws from inaccurate class rosters to statistically irrelevant sample sizes and the massive opposition to their focus on high stakes standardized testing as the only means of assessing teachers and students. The Post’s parent company, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, has a history of connections to the worst actors in the movement against teachers and students, including hiring former New York City Chancellor of Schools, Joel Klein. This only adds to the already outrageous free distribution of the New York Post, a racist, sexist, pornographic rag of a newspaper, to our public schools.

Join Occupy the Department of Education for a protest at News Corporation’s Headquarters, and a tour of the publications that betrayed our teachers and students through the publication of teacher data reports.

Thursday, March 22

5:00 PM

Meet at 30 Rockefeller Center

Wear Black to mourn the “death of teaching” and your “scarlet number” to show we won’t be shamed!

Follow on Twitter #scarletnumbers

RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/387880417906717/

4 responses to “Upcoming Events and Protests

  1. Fight on! My solidarity and best wishes as a student.

  2. American Teacher

    Your blogs are informative and refreshing. I just started and was recommended to your page. I am interested in knowing the outcomes of these protests…

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