Before Michael Franti….

started walking barefoot and wearing dreadlocks, he was the vocalist for the rap group Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. I don’t think the group had anything more than a cult following, but the songs they put out have stood the test of time, like a lot of hip hop music from the early 90s era.

This is why hip hop has been corporatized into modern day rap music. The songs being made in the early 90s were becoming more and more subversive and reaching people in the inner cities that could not otherwise be reached. Now, the genre has largely become a bunch of chants celebrating mindless materialism and fantasies of being a “thug”.

Songs like these are certainly tough to come by nowadays:


One response to “Before Michael Franti….

  1. I am an original cultist. Gotta be for the guy who actually improved on the DK’s California Uber Alles.

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