Public 3020a Hearing Coming Soon

For those that do not know, 3020a is the process that teachers in New York City must go through when facing termination. Some teachers choose to make them private and others opt for a public hearing.

Although I cannot yet reveal specific details, this case revolves around a Facebook post. The short story is that the charges are highly frivolous, much more frivolous than the case of Christine Rubino. Rubino was terminated at 3020a and spent two years getting that termination overturned by a real court.

Anyone who has the time should stop by. It promises to be a glimpse into the sordid, twisted and paranoid world of the harassment of teachers in the age of education reform. As the case shapes up, there will be more specific information on what evidence will be admitted on which dates.

Check the sidebar of this blog for updates on important dates and times related to this case.

Address: 49-51 Chambers Street in Manhattan

Start Dates: April 4th and 5th, 2012

Start Time: Usually 10 am

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