Louis CK Discusses Corporate Takeover

A smart discussion with Louis CK on the Opie and Anthony show. It is at the point where comedians make the most valuable insights on American society now. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have more news than Fox. Louis CK has more to say in this 25 minute segment than Rush Limbaugh has said in his entire radio career.

It s ironic how this discussion took place on satellite radio, an irony they point out in this discussion.

I like the part when they talk about being able to fix your car on the side of the road. You used to be able to pull over to the side of the road, fiddle with some some parts and get it working again. Parts used to be hefty and last forever. Now everything is computerized, making it impossible to fix your car on your own. Car parts now are light and flimsy, guaranteed to break after a year or two.

And all of those auto jobs were moved out of Michigan in the name of “progress”.

We all are being forced to belong to corporations. Life itself is being arranged around the demands of a corporate elite. What is marketed as “progress” to us means progress for a very small group of people.

One response to “Louis CK Discusses Corporate Takeover

  1. The computerization of the automobile was forced by clean air standards and cafe standards from the government. The government , through regulation has driven up the cost of the car, and yes, in a funny way the corporations do make more money, because the basic cost is mandated up.

    I bought some 10 year old cars 3 years ago for about $1.5K and 2.5K. I recently bought another one. Those same cars, three years later sell for more than they did 3 years ago. Why? the government (who loves the poor folk) went and had millions of $2K cars crunched to help their union buddies in the cash for clunker program. Sure , this helped corporations and union workers, but now a poor person pays $1000 dollars more for a low end car that runs.

    Regarding the reliability of cars , I think there is no doubt that cars are far more reliable today than they were 30 years ago. Cars now easily get over 100,000 miles on them before any major engine or transmission problems. That was not so 30 years ago. Foreign competition and improvements in material sciences, I think, improve this.

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