Teachers, You Are Being Watched

I always feel like, somebody’s watching meeeee.

Chancellor Walcott has already said in the DOE’s social media policy that teachers should have no “expectation of privacy” online. This includes our Facebook pages and our blogs. The principal’s union tepidly protested by saying it is unfair to administrators to make them police the online actions of teachers.

With the cases of Christine Rubino and Patricia Dawson, we have seen teachers destroyed for what they have said on the internet. There might come a day, not too far off, when I will be targeted as well.

I already know this blog is being watched. It has been banned on the DOE’s server, most likely for my early articles in support of Occupy Wall Street. Then there was the time that the police showed up to a public, open-air discussion that I had promoted on this blog.

Sometimes, when I am looking at my site stats, I wonder who is out there just reading in an attempt to find something, anything, that could incriminate me.

Yes, I am paranoid. After the horror stories I have heard of and witnessed, you would be as well.

It is funny, since I try my best to not personalize this blog in any way. My topics are generally universal. I do not reveal anything about the politics at my school or who I have problems with. That is not what I want this blog to be.

Yet, I know that people are watching me, people even more paranoid than me.

Look at what happened to Francesco Portelos. In many ways, he runs my alter-blog. He has been fearless in naming names in an attempt to hold his administration and union rep accountable. He was recently reassigned due to an investigation, an investigation that we all knew was coming at some point.

There is a petition in support of Mr. Portelos that you can sign via the NYC Rubber Room Reporter.

And yet, the people that know me best have advised me to watch my back. They see the handwriting on the wall that the boys in the trench coats are coming for me next. They too know I am being watched and they fear for my career.

I know there is no free speech anymore. The DOE, as well as employers in general, want to make it so their workers cannot be critical in any way of the rotten system to which they bear witness on a daily basis.

All I can say is that this blog has never been about me. It has been about making universal observations about the DOE, education, politics and social class. All I have done on this little internet space is exercise my First Amendment right to discuss issues of public moment.

But, then again, so does Mr. Portelos.

We are both radicals in our own way. The DOE would love nothing more than to make examples out of radicals.

So, keep your eyes peeled for news as to when, where and why I am being reassigned. To those shadowy figure who have been keeping an eye on me: I hope you find what you are looking for. It must be nice to have a job where you can spend time reading the harmless words of regular people. I just hope it is all worth it for you in the end.

This one is dedicated to you:


6 responses to “Teachers, You Are Being Watched

  1. Do not ever stop questioning whether or not they are watching you, because there is NO doubt that they are. The truth has gotten out about Bloomberg & Klein’s resolve to destroy the teachers’ union (A bunch of it with the union managements’ help by the way). To destroy and the system and line their friends’ pockets at the same time, and yet they have the cash to continue to act above the law. Their house of cards is starting to fall as they have started to see a backlash from parents over the constant piling on of tests and shoving of charter schools down everyone’s throat. They are getting desperate because the public is starting to catch onto the Bloomberg (Or should I say the NewsCorp?) education policy. Like serial criminals, they tripped up by their arrogance (trying to overtest & charter school the areas of this city that have money & resources), remember they caught David Berkowitz due to a parking ticket.

    I doubt it is a coincidence that your site is blocked by the DOE, sadly, you do not have the stature of Diane Ravitch, to get your site “unblocked”. Keep the eyes in the back of your head open, they ARE looking to get you. If not one way, some how. Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. If you are feeling pressure from the principal, watch your back.

  3. I do not think it is a coincidence that they are blocking your site. The Bloomberg Klein educational ponzi scheme is crashing down on them due to their arrogance (remember David Berkowitz was caught by a traffic ticket) . They thought since the people of no means could not stop them, that they would shove their union busting/charter school/Pearson pocket lining crap on the “brownstone” areas of the city, and those parents, who have the resources to fight back, are saying UP YOURS.

    Keep the eyes in the back of your head open and alert because they ARE after you…maybe not in the usual ways, but they are looking to get you, shut down if nothing else. Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. This is a great article….as soon as I saw the title…knew you would connect to this Rockwell song. LMFAO. It’s so uncanny….that, that is exactly how I felt working for the NYCDOE…and would always sing this…when a reported snitch came into the teachers room! Hilarious….as long as you know they are watching, you will be fine. But, really, are you committing any crime? No, THE NYCDOE management commits crimes on a. Daily basis”….but your right…they are watching you. Your principal has been instructed to watch every fart you make, and report to LEGAL…then OSI/SCI comes…principal will say your a trouble maker an d come up with some nonsense infractions, OSI/SCI…will substantiate….and so begins the sham proceedings of the 3020a hearings and kangaroo court!

  5. 5th Grade Teacher

    I was curious about your afiliation and if you’d disclosed it. My blog is utterly uncontroversial and I too wonder if somehow I’ll cross the line for someone and jeopardize my job. Freedom of speech is a myth.

  6. David,
    Thanks for the shout out. I don’t think they are looking at my blog, I know they are. I look at the statcounter in admin mode and constantly see the 165…. IP that is owned by the DOE and laugh every time. Is it the principal? The AP that sexually and verbally harassed me? SCI? OSI? DOE Attorneys? Or perhaps an educator during lunch?

    I think the first words I wrote on my blog were “How they went after the wrong guy.” I’ll make sure they remember that every time I post or they get served another letter.

    Talk to you soon. Keep it up.

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