Michelle Rhee…. Compassion?

An old story, but a reminder of the kind of person Michelle Rhee is.

Always, she preens for the cameras. Early in her chancellorship, she was trailed for a story by the education correspondent of “PBS NewsHour,” John Merrow.

At one point, Ms. Rhee asked if his crew wanted to watch her fire a principal. “We were totally stunned,” Mr. Merrow said.

She let them set up the camera behind the principal and videotape the entire firing. “The principal seemed dazed,” said Mr. Merrow. “I’ve been reporting 35 years and never seen anything like it.”

You can tell that she actually took great pleasure in firing this principal; restrained jubilation is how I would describe it. probably the same attitude she had when she duct taped her students’ mouths shut:

Compassion? That pretty such sums it up.

Now she has landed in NYC.  God help us.

3 responses to “Michelle Rhee…. Compassion?

  1. Michael Fiorillo

    The woman is a textbook example of the sociopath whose pathologies further the interests of the Overclass. It’s all there: the compulsive lying, the narcissism, the lack of ethics, empathy and compassion, the glibness.

    She’s the complete package, and a nasty piece of work, but at some point she will also fall hard; evil people don’t only destroy others (witness this video, for example), but eventually themselves. The question is, how much more destruction will she enable before her fall?

  2. The people who are financially supporting her know what she’s like, so why do they support her? Probably because she’s doing exactly what they want her to do.

    Maybe they know she’ll fall one day, but they are taking advantage of her as long as they can.

    They will probably be responsible for her fall when they realize she can’t help them anymore.

  3. She really is like Godzilla! On steroids! One day, she will realize, the back you step on today…might be attached to the foot that will land on her face….when her downfall comes!

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