Campbell Brown is a Woman and other Revelations

Campbell the Riveter stands up for women and corporate shills everywhere.

It has been a rough summer on this end. Perhaps, one day in the future, I will provide details of the Hell Summer of 2012.

The New York Times ran a piece about the furor caused by Campbell Brown’s editorial in the Wall Street Journal. I read the editorial while at the Save Our Schools Conference and was unable to write about it then.

I found this part of the Times article particularly illuminating:

Then Ms. Brown became the story, at least on Twitter, when Ms. Weingarten reposted a message that pointedly raised Ms. Brown’s marriage to Dan Senor, who is Mitt Romney’s senior foreign-affairs adviser and, more to the point, is on the board of StudentsFirstNY, an education policy group close with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

This escalated the fight. Ms. Brown said she took the post as sexist, though she stressed that she still desired Ms. Weingarten’s help. “Disappointing that @rweingarten thinks I hold my views b/c im married to repub. Always thought she was great role model for women until now,” she wrote.

Now, anyone following this issue knows that Weingarten did not say she holds her views because she is married to a Republican. She is married to a man who sits on the board of StudentsFirstNY, the astroturf organization that wants, among other things, to strip teachers of the thin membrane of protections we have left in NYC. Her entire WSJ editorial could have been written by Michelle Rhee. It raises questions over whether Brown is using her celebrity to further the cause of an organization with which her husband is associated. If Brown was the sister, the daughter or the mother of a person who sits on the board of StudentsFirstNY, the question would be the same.

Therefore, it has little to do with Brown being a woman.

Of course, Brown twisted Weingarten’s comment into a sexist attack. This is in step with the tactic of education deformers, who use the language of civil rights as a cover for the retrograde policies they advocate. Anyone that disagrees with them is sexist or is against equal education for all children.

The NY Times goes on to say:

Ms. Brown, who worked for a year as a teacher in what was then Czechoslovakia, said she was drawn to the issue of teacher misconduct from the perspective of a parent of two young children who was disgusted by the rat-a-tat-tat of sexual misconduct cases seizing headlines; she also said that she was moved by a recent piece penned by the city schools chancellor, Dennis M. Walcott, and that she saw it “as a clear expression of his frustration at a broken system.”

So Brown started caring about this issue when she read a few articles filtered through the corporate media of which she has been a part for so long. Did she bother to learn about these issues via a non-corporate media outlet or in some way cross-reference these articles with more independent sources? If Campbell Brown is as smart as she think she is, then she should know that the media for whom she works is a propaganda machine that pumps out half-truths at the behest of editors more concerned with the bottom line than truth.

It is either Campbell Brown is not that bright, or is lying. In light of her attacks on Randi over Twitter, I would say the latter.

As we head back to school in a few weeks, issues of job protections for teachers in NYC will make more and more headlines, with the media all spouting the same “sexual predators infest our schools and the union protects them” nonsense.

The union could not even protect Christine Rubino. Teachers live in fear under Bloomberg that one angry student or one maniacal administrator can take everything from them. Campbell Brown, instead of shilling for StudentsFirstNY, should have some journalistic integrity and look into the issues independently of the corporate-controlled media for which she also shills.

She will not, of course, because Campbell Brown is part of the monster that is corporate-controlled media.

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