Student Poem About Teach For America (Must Listen!)

Credits to Stephanie at  Teacher Under Construction for mentioning this first. It is a few months old but worth a few listens:

As an aspiring teacher and slam poet, this find was absolutely something phenomenal. I’m speechless. You just have to hear it for yourself.

Listen to the full poem here:

Hallelujah the Saviors are Here


4 responses to “Student Poem About Teach For America (Must Listen!)

  1. Wonderful poem and reading by that student. It is a shame those who choose to help students over the long haul, through thick and thin, as a lifelong mission are vilified, attacked, and made to feel inferior.

    Screw the business model, privatizers, and reformers. They are in it for the money only.

  2. Spoken like a true student, who sees thru all the crap..the corporate Ed reformers spew! This is definitely a wonderful work of NON-FICTION. I so, enjoyed it! Thanks

  3. Michael Fiorillo

    Leave it to the kids to see through the vain/ condescending/patronizing attitudes; maybe the adults could learn something from them.

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