Angry Teachers Compilation

When I was a student, I would love it when one of our teachers flipped out on the class. It was great entertainment and killed a few minutes we could have spent on boring stuff like learning.

A part of me still takes a guilty pleasure in watching teachers totally lose it. As a teacher, I sympathize. But as that teenager that still lurks in my heart, I am entertained.

This poor guy was obviously having a bad day. His students did not help matters.

Professor flips out over yawn.

Don’t mess with this guy’s calculator.

This looks like a NYC classroom. It seems like there are 40 students in this room.

This teacher believes in America.

Substitute teaching is never easy.

This teacher has had it and it finally came out.

Another teacher who has had it.

And my favorite….

Thoughts on these videos? What could the students have done differently? The teachers? As teachers, are you concerned that you might show up on Youtube one day?


5 responses to “Angry Teachers Compilation

  1. this may sound wet, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch these videos – the ubiquitous scrutiny and lack of trust and esteem from school management is only mitigated, for me, by the (wavering) conviction that at least I can teach. When things don’t go right in the classroom (and given the control over every breath that I am expected to exercise over my students these days, there is a lot that goes wrong even if the class is ostensibly fine) and given that I am held responsible for any failure of my students – then instances of out-of-control confirm to me that I have completely failed doing my job. Even if I am watching it happen to another teacher.

    Am I alone in feeling that my self- & professional-esteem has been toxically corroded? And I work in the UK where the corrosion is not quite as advanced as I understand it to be in the States!

    • I totally understand. You are certainly not alone. Professional esteem? In the U.S. we do not even know what that means. We are not professionals. We are civil servants, the stress being on servants. I have seen some bloggers on the dark side starting to call for cameras inside all of the classrooms. There are just too many reasons why that is a bad idea, starting with the ipso facto reason that it just is.

      Not to alarm you, but I understand that our beloved Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of Washington, D.C. schools and current jackhammer of the corporate reform billionaire movement, is in Britain now talking with your national education guy. Sorry, I forgot his name. I am American after all and we are stupid. Anyway, he was basically parroting the Michelle Rhee playbook.

      On the bright side, one of your union leaders really gave her the business. It was surprising, since Rhee never gets the business here in the states. I will get you the video of it once I get a decent internet connection.

  2. I actually became one of these teachers yesterday teaching my self contained English classes. Oh I was angry and mean – I even heard a number of my students say, ‘You maad scary today.” I threw my chalk down on the desk smashing it into pieces, stated to the class how frustrating it is that Assistant Principals get their own private parking lots while us simple teachers have to look for spots blocks away. I angrily told the paraprofessional who entered 15 mintues late to class that she was indeed 15 minutes late pointing to my watch as I did. After a student sneezed, I asked, “Did you really have to do that?” I even stated down a handful of kids who were a tad late getting their notebooks open. But of course it was all to teach them and have them participate in understanding CHARACTERIZATION and the different ways a reader learns about a character. They actually loved it. Be well!

    • That is awesome. I am sure the para was probably a little taken aback. Teachers are discouraged from having personalities in this new regime we work under.

      • “Teachers are discouraged from having personalities in this new regime we work under.” So true yet very sad. The irony is that teaching, to me anyway – especially in the city – is very much about personality. Yes, know the material and content – of course, but then mix that in with the PERSONALITY and you have one great teacher. You get the kids on your side and once you have them – the places you can take them and the things you can teach them reach another dimension.

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