The New York Post reports this early this morning:

A retired teacher hated his East Harlem high-school principal so much, he created a scathing blog that portrayed him as a back-stabbing sex fiend whose head is shaped like a human behind.

Former math teacher Michael Thomas, 61, then stood outside Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics and gave students business cards that touted the Web site.

The targeted principal, José Jimenez — whom the blog calls “Jimanus” and “Prince Jimenez” — confronted Thomas about a block from the school on Jan. 10. He ended up on his back in the ensuing fight, and Thomas was charged with assault.

Unfortunately, Mr, Thomas seems to have taken down the content of his blog. Too bad because it seemed like a real hoot:

Thomas named his blog “MCSM Satire” — based on the school’s initials — posted under the name “Henry David Thoreau,” and dedicated it to Jimenez’s removal. It accuses him of seeking “pleasures of the flesh” at the school.

In a fake advice column called “Ask Jimenez,” a staffer is concerned about having an affair with a teacher that might jeopardize his career.

“Hubba, hubba!” the Jimanus character replies. “You should be giving me advice! There is nothing inappropriate about a relationship between two more or less consenting adults . . . Any teacher who reports or objects to the relationship is not a member of the school team and will be dealt with accordingly. You are living the dream!”

In one comic strip, Jimenez says, “All I need to know I learned in kindergarten . . . Be a bully. Do what you want. Lie if you get caught — and always play the part of the victim.”

It seems as if Mr. Thomas has a bit of a rebellious streak in him or maybe he just has a problem with bully principals who use their teaching staff as a personal harem.

Of course, the Department of Education goes out of their way to protect principals who pursue “pleasures of the flesh” and act like bullies.

As for teachers like Mr. Thomas who blow the whistle on that type of stuff:

In 2007, Thomas was banished to the Education Department’s notorious “rubber room” for throwing chalk at the board to get students’ attention, according to his lawyer.

That sparked a daylong protest by students and he was reinstated last year.

The popular teacher, who retired this summer after 19 years, has locked horns with Jimenez at least since 2008, according to Department of Education documents.

Thomas reported Jimenez’s alleged misuse of federal funds for high-poverty kids and falsifying of student results on the January 2008 Regents exams.

Funny how it is the popular teachers or the ones who don’t sit back and allow wrongdoing to take place who end up in the rubber room.

As for Principal Jimenez, it seems as if he is in the DOE doghouse not for any sexual misconduct or workplace harassment but for the one thing the DOE finds unacceptable from their principals:

Jimenez has also run afoul of the DOE. In a report released by the Special Commissioner of Investigation, he was found to have “failed to follow standard operating procedures” by not getting competitive bids on an educational trip to Asia or for a consultant that billed the school more than $25,000.

That’s right, only Bloomberg himself gets to fleece the public treasury through no-bid contracts and nobody else.

Ed deform may still be in retreat but it is the same ol’ DOE here in the big city.

Maybe Michael Thomas shouldn’t have showed up to the school to promote his blog. Maybe, being retired and standing a block away from the school, he was well within his rights to do so. Maybe the principal should have not been an insecure bully and confronted Mr. Thomas about it since he ended up eating concrete for the trouble. And, finally, maybe the New York Post is not providing many of the facts in this case.

It is obvious Mr. Thomas was rubber roomed for having a conscience. The fact that someone like Mr. Jimenez can rise to the ranks of principal shows the DOE values people without a conscience.

Just don’t steal any of that no-bid money. How will Joel Klein get his next contract if principals keep doing that?

8 responses to “HUBBA HUBBA

  1. Ah, the pleasures of the life vicarious: you go Mr. Thomas!

  2. These stories are repeated a thousand times. We, the public, control social media. I think that makes people nervous. I think you and I have kept our blogs professional. I haven’t seen his, but understand where he is coming from. Maybe he has tips for this Educator Survival Guide

  3. Principal Jimenez is by far the most incompetent and evil principal in the entire Department of Education. He is an abhorrent, disgusting, pathetic creature with no scruples, no morals, and no integrity whatsoever. It is beyond belief that he remain as principal after committing sexual harassment (2x) that we know of, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement, conspiring against the UFT, abuse of teacher’s rights and the UFT contract, standardized test fixing, and assault.

    In 5 years as principal he hasn’t even taught a single demonstration lesson or taught a single class to exemplify what is expected of the teachers in the school. He makes horrible decisions, tampers with teacher’s personnel files, and acts like a malicious child. He hires the worst teachers and conspires to get rid of any teacher who doesn’t pledge loyalty to him. He condones professional misconduct by those close to him and excommunicates really good staff members with fabricated documentation and frivolous investigations. He uses OSI and other investigative agencies to dirty up files of excellent educators. These agencies to advance his master-plan of ridding the school of any teacher served under the former Principal, Steve Askinazi. He is supremely jealous of his predecessor because Principal Askinazi ran the school like philosopher king and he lives in that man’s shadow. His methods of self-preservation are to scare teachers into supporting him even though he does nothing to actually garner this type of accomplishment or “success”. He uses fear as a control method. He is highly paranoid and removes teachers he THINKS are against him. Nothing he does is in the best interest of the students he is obligated to serve.

    The Department of Education should be ashamed to have this man in their employ let alone stand as principal after destroying the school academically and ruining its positive school culture. He destroyed its budget and stripped the school of its legitimacy in the field of education. He is an embarrassment to the field. After 5 consecutive F ratings on the school environment and 4 protests he still remains as principal.


    How can he serve a community when its obvious no one thinks he is a good principal. They all can’t be wrong. There is a preponderance of evidence and overwhelming sentiment of the public that wants Principal Jimenez removed once and for all.

    The collective opinion of parents, students, staff members, teachers and other professionals who know the school well, knows he’s incompetent and is sick of being oppressed and abused.

    It’s time to restore that school but the restoration cannot occur so long as Principal Jimenez and his cronies remain there.

    When will the DOE take action?

    If ever at all?

    That is really scary to think about. Another 5 years of him as principal and that school will turn into East Side High School after Mr. Clark left it in the beginning of the movie “Lean On Me”…

    A dangerous jungle.

  4. The NYPOST was also the same newspaper that headlines of “WACKO JACKO” on it’s frontpages many years ago amidst the alleged Michael Jackson scandals. I guess since Jimenez HAS no character they don’t think it’s frontpage worthy. In reality Jimenez is more important than any celebrity because the decisions he makes and the things he does or doesn’t do affect thousands of people, young people especially. We live in a sick society and Jimenez exemplifies it.

    When I was in HS a principal was a position of extremely high stature and no funny business was allowed whatsoever. This guy is running a zoo and has his staff flinging feces around for 5 years and he is STILL principal after assualting someone?

    Give me a break. We know the city is broken but that doesn’t mean this particular school has to be. It’s disgusting.

  5. Read the Blog to get more first hand account of Jimenez

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