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Aaaand that didn’t take long. Less than a week after a Michigan charter school announced that they’d hired Clark Arnold, a retired firearms instructor, to be the school’s armed security guard, Arnold hastily endeavored to demonstrate what a terrible mistake they’d made by leaving his (unloaded) handgun in a student restroom unattended. The school has responded by putting “additional security procedures in place,” procedures that will hopefully include, “Anyone in charge of protecting students from school shootings should refrain from giving students stuff to commit school shootings with.” The NRA hasn’t commented yet but we’re relatively certain they’ll say the students were safer with a gun lying around unattended and they think he should have left two guns.

 The argument for gun control summed up in one shockingly stupid photo
nra and tobacco

3 responses to “NRA SATURDAY

  1. Stories of actual on duty police officers doing exactly the same thing,leaving their firearm somewhere, abound too. One incident of human careless proves no point. Did a kid get the gun and shoot someone?

    The NRA has a program called “Eddie Eagle” the sole purpose of which is to teach gun safety in schools. Its primary message is to tell kids that when they see a gun to go and tell an adult and to not touch it. People who hate the NRA do everything they can to keep gun safety from being taught in schools.

    I am the NRA and I vote, and blog on WordPress.

    Who Needs An Assault Rifle?

    • I’m on my cell phone and haven’t had a chance to look over your blog yet but may I ask if you’re a veteran? Whether you are or not will help shape how I respond to you.

      How many stories of police officers leaving their guns laying around in schools are there? I’m sure it’s happened but are you suggesting that what happened in Michigan is not an argument against putting armed guards in every school? How many times will this story be multiplied if that happens, God forbid with a loaded gun?

      You can have all the Eddie the Eagles in the world, the fact that we are the only westernized nation that sees a need for such a cartoonish character is a problem.

      I don’t see the 2nd Amendment as an “absolute” right and I don’t believe the Founding Fathers, and the world in which they lived, should be ripped out of context to justify it as such.

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