Our favorite shills are still here ready to feast on your brains.

Our favorite shills are still here ready to feast on your brains.

The misleadingly named Educators 4 Excellence is running a spot tonight on television that will encourage Governor Cuomo to impose an evaluation scheme on the city.

It’s strange that a small (very small) group of NYC teachers has the money to get air time on television. Either they have superior accounting practices or they are being funded by outside interests that wish to destroy public education. Which do you think it is?

As a NYC teacher, I don’t know what gives Evan Stone and his ilk the right to speak for me. They haven’t done anything to earn a position of leadership within my union. They haven’t done anything to even earn the name “Educators 4 Excellence.”

Of course they haven’t earned a thing. They are a front group for the reformy forces in NYC. What they lack with a popular mandate among teachers they more than make up for with dollars.

Here is a question: if they care so much about educating NYC children, why don’t they take the millions they have garnered from reformy groups and put it into the schools? Evan Stone and Sydney Morris hardly need another million dollars being the trust fund brats they are.

And speaking of the union, I’m sure Mulgrew and company find it very comforting that they support the same exact position on these teacher evaluations as groups like E4E. Mulgrew has already signaled his willingness to accept a state-imposed scheme. The Unity folks are out in force telling all of us that a state-imposed scheme will be nothing more than binding arbitration.

It doesn’t matter what they call it. Our union should be very uncomfortable with being on the same side of any issue as E4E.

E4E represents everything wrong with education in NYC. Their fresh, young and white faces represent exactly the type of teaching force the reformers want. You think E4E would get any reformy money if they had older black faces?

Thank you E4E for reminding us the lengths to which the 1% will go to destroy public education. They are like the plants sent by J. Edgar Hoover to infiltrate and divide the organizations of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers. They are like the provocateurs who infiltrated the Occupy Wall Street protests. The only difference is, everyone knows who E4E is and everyone sees through them.

Does the fact that they’ve been around for years without gaining any traction among the rank-and-file teachers count for anything? I suppose it doesn’t when you have millions of dollars propping you up.

E4E: a zombie organization with zombie ideas. Tune in tonight to see them in action. Just don’t let them eat your brains.


12 responses to “THE SHILL GAME: E4E

  1. Another post that makes my “wish I had written that” list.

  2. One of the younger new teachers at my school went to a E$E meeting a few months ago so see what they were about. (He also went for the free drinks) When he told me he went to the meeting I informed him of their true anit-union, anti seniority, anti-tenure, agenda. He said they did not mention any of those concepts but went on and on about merit pay in a new contract. He did say that he got a “bad taste” in his mouth from the overall feel of the meeting and said that none of the speakers even seemed like they were teachers anymore. Anyway, I have convinced him and all the other teachers at my school to vote MORE. Our union rep is a decent fellow but is 100% clueless about every aspect of his union position. The teachers come to me to ask for all news/information/advice related to education and union politics. We will be voting MORE. Lastly, if E$E ever shows up to spew their propaganda in my school, they will be in for an earful from our staff.

  3. Fifth Column: “A group of secret sympathizers or supporters of an enemy that engage in espionage or sabotage within defense lines or national borders.” (From Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary)

    Most of the few members who are actually in the classroom – their membership claims should be disregarded, since they compel people to sign on as supporters in order to get any information – are naive young teachers who either have no idea of the behind-the-scenes politics and funding involved, or else are opportunists following the Gates money trail, no matter the harm done to their colleagues and students.

    Yet more vultures hoping to feed off the carcass of public education…

  4. E4E – Let me see and go down my list. I’ve never met one. My wife who has also been teaching for 15 years has never met one. My sister who has been in the system for 12 years has never met one. My sister – in – law who has been teaching for five years has never met one. My mother who is going on her 35th year in the system has never even heard of them yet alone met one. My colleagues have never met or know of one. That sums it up for me. By the way, all of the above now know of MORE and will be voting MORE in the upcoming elections.

  5. I noticed that...

    Interesting that I would label the picture of Evan and Sydney, the E$E Dorian Gray members. They plan to never get old. So there’s no worry reaching seniority because only the picture will reach seniority. When the seniority rule is changed by these forever-young, in the classroom until they get a principal’s or supt’s position, then the picture can be terminated.

  6. Look at their dodgy body language. His fake confident smile and the bold jutted chest of the shiftless car salesman. The awkward fake casual half in half out mitt trying to hide in the pocket. Trying to play it both ways Junior? And why does she place her hand so awkwardly in front of her like that? It speaks volumes of insecurity and insincerity, Why are both of their eyes focused above the camera lens instead of looking directly into it? A picture is a thousand words and these two can be reduced to a measly few : fake, dishonest and dripping in ulterior motives.

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