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The Ron Paul Dilemma

It is stuff like this that gives Ron Paul so many young supporters.

It is convenient to believe that marijuana draws the young to Ron Paul. However, the unjust wars of the United States has much more resonance.

The strange thing is that Ron Paul can say something as sensible as this while still attracting a large following from the internet tin foil hat crowd who believe George Bush orchestrated 9/11. I suppose that is because of his anti-government paranoia.

The fact that so many 9/11 conspiracy hacks were old right-wingers has always given credence to the idea that the entire “9/11 Truth” movement is an arm of the Republican Party. With their complete misapplication and ignorance of American history, not to mention their completely wack-a-doodle view of the world, they discredit any meaningful criticism of the imperial wars of the United States.

And that is the Ron Paul dilemma. He will say something as safe and sensible as this for a national audience, then later he will give a nod to the internet conspiracy community with his attacks on the Fed and international banking. Do not be surprised if that is why the Republican Party keeps him around. Because him and his followers are considered clinically insane by thinking Americans, his criticism of the wars are easily disregarded by the public at large.

I believe the final word has yet to be written as to the real role of the 9/11 Truth movement in killing the nascent anti-war protests that developed at the start of our invasion of Iraq. Ron Paul might be the Rosetta stone for this final word.