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Everyone Should Watch Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp “On Gangs”, “Extreme World” and “In Search of Pirates” are the types of shows that would not play well in the states because they require an actual attention span. But this guy goes to the worst places on earth speaking to killers, rapists, despots, slave masters and their victims. What is extraordinary is that he is sensitive to the people he interviews. I have never seen him attack or judge anybody. He is really an investigator, which is rare in reporting in this day and age.

He has many episodes and clips on youtube. My favorite is his travel to Kenya, his most mysterious, suspenseful and heartbreaking piece in my opinion.

Ross Kemp, A Kenya Special

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


Ross Kemp in Afghanistan

Ross Kemp In Search of Pirates clip