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Matt Taibbi Explains Shady Mortgages…and Charter Schools?

Banks were selling “oregano as weed.”

This is what charter schools do too.

Take a school building, slap a fresh corporate logo on it, hire a bunch of inexperienced teachers, get some fancy gadgets, tell the students and parents that there are “no excuses” and, voila, you have a charter school.

Meanwhile the hedge-fundies, banksters and politically-connected CEOs that run them rake in ridiculous profits.

And if a student is too difficult to educate, get rid of them. It is like a bailout. When a charter school has “toxic assets” (difficult students), push them off on the government (pubic schools). This way, the charter gets to keep up the illusion of profits (test scores). That is what this article is all about.

Charter cheerleaders in the government like Arne Duncan are like Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke who told us the banking industry was sound on the eve of its collapse.

It is the same movie that plays over and over again.

How many times is the public going to buy oregano?