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Say “No” to Cuomo

What, me worry?

What can you say about a governor who refuses to raise taxes on the wealthiest 1% of the state, then turns around and passes “pension reform” because the state has budget shortfalls?

What can you say about a governor who pushed for a teacher evaluation system that does nothing but require students to train for and take bubble-in exams every day, every year?

What can you say about a governor who allows the state’s rotten districting regime to continue for the next 10 years, despite his campaign promises to make fair districting a priority?

What can you say about a Governor who is pushing to allow casino gambling across the state, since he knows his policies leave people with no other hope but to hit a jackpot in order to survive?

Cuomo swept into office on the same high-tide of dissatisfaction as Barack Obama. Obama was a stark contrast to the weathered, corrupt and secretive Bush Administration. Cuomo promised bold leadership after years of corruption and incompetence in Albany. They both promised a break from a status quo where the government does the bidding of the corporate.

The Democratic Party is far worse than the Republican. Republicans make no pretense of caring for the poor, workers and anyone else not born on third base. Democrats cloak their corporate policies in a concern for the general welfare.

Cuomo’s pension reform package for public workers requires 10 years of service in order to be vested, raises the retirement age and demands that workers pay more into their pensions. The newspaper columns are full of laudatory articles of the plan, with the requisite derision of public sector workers as pampered, overpaid crumb bums.

I wonder why people are complaining of a pension shortfall. If there is one, would it not have something to do with the stock market that tanked four years ago due to the fraud, greed and recklessness of Wall Street?

This is the same fraud and greed that not only went unpunished by the likes of Obama and Cuomo, but was rewarded with bailouts, Fed loans and consistently low taxes.

But of course, our financial woes are due to that teacher, fire fighter and sanitation worker who have the audacity to believe that they should be compensated for a lifetime of public service by having some sort of income when they reach old age. How dare they? They should know not to expect more than a retirement spent in a roach-infested hovel where cat food is the preferred dinner item.

The fact of the matter is that all people should be taken care of in old age. There should be pensions for everyone. This type of suggestion usually stirs up cries of “radical socialism”. We live in a country where the benefits of the public sector worker set the bar for the private sector worker. Instead of calling for a wholesale reduction of those benefits, people in the private sector would best be served by supporting their fellow workers.

It is no coincidence that the earning power of the American worker has declined at the same time as labor unions.

Oh, but you will never be fired and, if you do, I am sure you will be able to find a great job with the snap of a finger.

It is easy to believe that when your job seems so secure. Around 17% of the labor force who have been thrown out of their jobs and onto the unemployment rolls, part-time work or food stamp program might see things differently.

Jay Gould (and I am sure not just him) said that he could always get one half of the working class to kill the other half.

Cuomo is a mini-Obama. It is fitting that he governs the state that most overwhelmingly voted for Obama in 2008. It is fitting that he was one of the first to sign on to Race to the Top. There is little doubt that he has his eyes on a 2016 election bid. Let us hope that his quest turns out as fruitless and irrelevant as George Pataki’s.