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What do Diane Ravitch and I Have in Common?

Both of our blogs are censored on New York City Department of Education computers.

Actually, Dr. Ravitch is not sure if it is just certain NYC schools or all of them. Time will tell. As for me, I have been blocked in all schools for months.

It is indeed a great honor to be in the same category as Diane Ravitch.

To be sure, WordPress blogs are generally accessible from DOE computers. Therefore, it is obvious someone, somewhere in the DOE’s IT department has an issue with what I write.

It is funny, since both Diane Ravitch and I (it feels good to type that) take care to use appropriate language and sentence structure at all times, even though I fall short from time to time. Is the DOE afraid that students will be exposed to big words?

Out of all the NYC teacher bloggers who have been lambasting education reform for much longer and much more articulately than me, it is I who somehow ends up on the black list.

Whatever the reason is, I take it as a badge of honor. To be in the same category as Diane Ravitch only makes it sweeter.