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New York City Teacher Performance Data To Be Released

Yup, it has finally happened. New York State’s highest court threw out the union’s lawsuit to prevent the release of performance scores of over 12,000 NYC teachers of elementary and middle school. The city plans to publicize the scores in the coming weeks.

Walcott doesn’t seem too keen on the idea, but his tune will change once the mayor for whom he is the sock puppet whispers a few choice words in his ear.

This was the result of a Freedom of Information Act request filed by several media outlets, including the New York Times and NY1. It will be up to those same media outlets if they want to publish the scores or not. We all know what they are going to do.

Despite the fact that the ratings give no other information aside from a number from 1 to 100, despite the fact that it is asinine to summarize a teacher’s skill in a simple number, despite the fact that “value added” has been shown time after time to be utterly useless, and despite the fact that the Los Angeles Times’ campaign to smear teachers with this data resulted in the suicide of dedicated teacher Rigoberto Ruelas in 2010, they will no doubt plaster these numbers far and wide.

Look forward to another spring of teacher-basing, culminating in a renewed attempt by Bloomberg to do away with Last In First Out. This will provide endless grist for the anti-teacher mill. I predict a full front page headline in the New York Post with the words DISGRACEFUL or EXPOSED on the day the scores are released. And if another teacher or two commits suicide (God forbid), that will be good for headlines as well.

Meanwhile, the video on NY1’s website features a frothing-at-the-mouth Michael Mulgrew of the UFT screaming about how the data is flawed. They could not have chosen a better clip to capture the whole “union thug” angle the media in NYC loves to go for.

My hat is off to NYC’s Fourth Estate. You valiantly filed a FOIA request in order to smear teachers. Where are those requests for the unending flood of corrupt OSI and SCI reports used by the DOE to destroy the livelihoods of countless dedicated educators? You know, those same reports that have found to be completely bogus in one court case after another?

First New York City, then New York State. As we speak, I am sure Arne down in D.C. is huddled around a giant marble table with Rupert Murdoch and Joel Klein, devising a nationwide database of teacher performance scores to be published in USA Today and U.S. News and World Report.