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Chris Hedges is Right About Pretty Much Everything

It is very rare that I hear somebody so thoroughly correct.  Chris Hedges nails every subject, every time, with a breadth and exactitude few people can touch.

For example. this is Chris Hedges on the Tea Party movement:

Chris Hedges on intelligent design:

Chris Hedges on surveillance and propaganda:

Chris Hedges even criticizes education deform in New York City (the video starts with a very good speech by Cliftonia Johnson of DC37, who was laid off with hundreds of other school aides back in October. Chris’ part starts at 3:27)

His best videos are by far his lectures like “Death of the Liberal Class” and “How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy”. He has written many books and was a correspondent for the New York Times in the Middle East.

A brilliant person who would get my vote if he ever ran for office, which is not likely. He graduated from Harvard Divinity School and is the son of a minister, but has been a reporter and activist most of his life.

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