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Angry Teachers Compilation

When I was a student, I would love it when one of our teachers flipped out on the class. It was great entertainment and killed a few minutes we could have spent on boring stuff like learning.

A part of me still takes a guilty pleasure in watching teachers totally lose it. As a teacher, I sympathize. But as that teenager that still lurks in my heart, I am entertained.

This poor guy was obviously having a bad day. His students did not help matters.

Professor flips out over yawn.

Don’t mess with this guy’s calculator.

This looks like a NYC classroom. It seems like there are 40 students in this room.

This teacher believes in America.

Substitute teaching is never easy.

This teacher has had it and it finally came out.

Another teacher who has had it.

And my favorite….

Thoughts on these videos? What could the students have done differently? The teachers? As teachers, are you concerned that you might show up on Youtube one day?